Nora turned three today. Happy, healthy, full of giggles and smiles ... and cake!

First Day of School

What a day! All of the sudden we have a kindergartener.


It's been nine months since I've written about Nora. She turns two this month.

The last nine months have been uneventful, at least as it relates to seizures. Nora shed her orthodics and walks and runs and climbs stairs with reckless abandon. In fact, we call her Stitches after a trip to the ER in July.


Nora has done so well this year she 'graduated' from both occupational and physical therapy late in the year. She's still doing Speech Therapy weekly and is learning new words every day. Her favorite word right now is "NO."

She remains on Zonegram for seizure control, and has semiannual check-ins with Neurology and Opthamology. (UNC Hospitals and Durham Pediatrics continue to take exceptionally good care of our family.)

A few more things about Nora...

She started preschool in August and loves it.


She likes the Tar Heels.


And SnapChat.


And Hillary.


(We haven't told her yet.)

Panthers lost the Super Bowl.
Heels lose a heartbreaker in the National Championship
A summer of political craziness and Trump(!) wins in November.
The NC Legislature making international headlines.

2017 will be better.


It’s been one year since Nora was admitted to UNC for what we thought could be, and turned out to be, infantile spasms. Since those first very scary days in the hospital, Nora’s had one heck of a year.

FullSizeRender 12

Since our last update, Nora has started walking! She’ll still get some orthotics to help make sure the mechanics are right, but pretty good for a beginner:


She’s also switched her anti-seizure medicine from Topamax to Zonisamide. Topamax may have an impact on word recall, so we’re hoping that this switch will help with her speech development. She started seeing a speech therapist this week as well.

Next Thursday, April 21, will mark one year without seizures for Nora. We’re celebrating by donating to the Child Neurology Foundation - an organization that promotes education, awareness, and provides direct support to families dealing with Infanfile Spasms. Thank you for considering a donation as well.